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... I need to write, I'm lost without it.
8.7.09 00:56


This iron and Wine Cover does justice to the original in an outstanding extent.

5.2.09 18:06


The first entry of a series always sets the tone. I did not have to think long before deciding that Fretkillr deserves to be the first pick. Despite of being a sort-of celebrity on youtube, fretkillr imho doesn't get his fair share, because the overwhelming majority of his cover versions fall nothing short of the originals.
I picked one of his videos that is slightly less popular (for whatever reasons), a cover version of Paul Brady's "Lakes of Pontchartrain"; unfortunately, embedding has been deactivated upon request, therefore, I provide the link:
25.1.09 22:37

I am trying to entertain you, viewer of this site, in the same fashion that the sports reporter would entertain the crowd in the time the live feed is broken. In doing so, I just had a new idea: I'll promote good - really good - cover versions of songs I like; tubediving is not the way of choice if you want to carry your blog through the draught, but I have a long list of really good cover versions for which it's long since I wanted to express my sympathy for.
is hould mention that I'd rather introduce a new artist before presenting a new video of a known artist. Mostly, people who make good stuff did so all along.
22.1.09 23:09

The NFL Oracle has spoken: it's the dawn of the Patriot franchise. The Cowboys came close, but no doughnut for them as well.

Oh, and the spring leg of the postdoc lottery is going to start again.
Odds are that I am moving to a place far away from home.
30.12.08 01:34

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